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Our Monthly Website Subscription Makes It Easy to Get Online and Start Getting New Clients.

Everything You Need to Get Started Online!

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Monthly Google SEO Performance Reporting

Let the world's Largest Search Engine show you EXACTLY what your ideal prospect is looking for on your website so you can convert them into your newest customers!

If you're serious about getting new customers from your website, here is the tool that shows you what prospects want you to sell to them.
✓ Track up to 20 of your most important keywords or phrases…
✓ Know the number of keywords for which your website is on the first page of Google...
✓ See how your website is performing for your keywords from month to month...
✓ Find your top competitors and get an overview of how your website stacks up against them
✓ Finally know what works on your website and what doesn't.

Take the Guess Work Out of Optimizing Your Website.

Each month you'll get an overview of the number of visits to your site including a breakdown of how many were returning visitors.
✓ See how many visitors arrive directly from a social media site
✓ See how many came from organic search.
✓ See which are your most popular pages.
✓ See how many pages they looked at and the average time visitors spend on your website.

No matter how your visitors get to your site or on what devices they are using, you now have access to the information that will help convert those visitors into buyers.

Don't lose leads by failing to track and optimize your website for all of your visitors.

Everything's Included!


How I Build Websites

Before We Start
The most important part of building a website is knowing what you want to say to your audience.  I find that building websites is much easier with clients who can answer the question: "What makes you special?"  If you haven't previously considered that question, please do so before you place your order.
When You Place Your Order
To place an order for a website, click one of the "Order Your Website Now" buttons to go to PayPal and place a deposit equal to the first month subscription fee.

I will contact you to discuss your website needs, answer any questions about my build process and determine if my service is a good fit for you. If it is, we'll move to the next step in the process. If not, I'll refund your deposit through PayPal.
Design Meeting
Once we've decided to work together, I'll send you my website questionnaire, set up your client account and schedule our initial design meeting. In the design meeting we'll secure a domain name and map out the look and feel of your site. The call normally takes 45 minutes to an hour.
Your Words and Images
The better you describe your products and services, the more effective your site will be. After the initial design meeting, I'll send you a content outline for each page we've discussed. This will guide you through providing the information I'll need to populate the website.

Authentic images of your business create a better experience for web visitors. We'll provide you a list of preferred image types for your website as part of the content outline. If you do not have any suitable images I will use stock photos.
Two Websites
During the build process I will place a "Coming Soon" page on your new web address and create a developmental site at a separate web address where we will build your new website. This will allow you to order new marketing materials and use your new web address prior to your website being completed.
Design Review
My design process is very collaborative. After our initial design meeting, most communication will be via email. I will send you updates on your website's progress one or two times per week and ask for specific input from you on design features.
Going Live
Once we are satisfied with the developmental site, I will move your website from the developmental environment to the live site and take down the "Coming Soon" page. This will begin the 30 day follow-up period and the first month of your subscription.
The Follow Up
Content updates are included in the $49 Pay as You Go plan. During each 3 month period, we provide 3 hours of development time to make any content updates you may have. The first 30 days after publishing your website are to correct any errors in the layout, site functionality or copy writing on the main or mobile view of your website.
These do not count toward your quarterly content adjustments.
Frequently Asked Questions

When does my monthly subscription begin?
Your subscription begins when we publish your site online. Your deposit serves as your first subscription payment. Thirty (30) days after we publish your site you will receive your first monthly invoice.
How long will it take to design my site?
The time it takes to design your site will depend on how quickly you can provide the content and any graphics you want on your site. Most websites I build are complete within 6 - 8 weeks.
Can you add a logo to my site for me?
If you currently have a logo for your business, we can easily incorporate it into the website. If you do not have a logo, we will use a word logo in places on the site that require a logo. If you need a logo made, we recommend hiring a freelance logo design service. You can find a good selection of inexpensive freelance logo designers here: https://emicrobranding.com/fiver-logo.
Is there a minimum subscription commitment?
As part of our Terms of Service, to be eligible for $49 per month pricing, we require an initial commitment to host your site with us for 6 consecutive months. After the six-month period, you may cancel the subscription at anytime by simply providing written notice by email.
Can I use a domain name or hosting plan I already own?
Unfortunately, I do not offer that option at this time. Keeping the domain registration and hosting in-house enables me to streamline the website building process.
Can I keep my domain name if I cancel my subscription?
Absolutely! However during the first twelve months I assess a $25 domain transfer fee to release any domains I register during the website build process.